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Medical Volunteer Organization

NGO(c)3 in California

Share Gift was founded in Seoul, South Korea in 2015 and now has carried over to the Bay Area on a global scale. Our goal is to share our gifts we were privileged enough to have with those in need of our community, whether that is categorized as education, financial wealth, or even things that we usually take for granted like working arms and legs or proper sight and hearing. Our vision is to start with these small actions in our community which we believe will ultimately leave a positive impact around the world. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly to contribute our part to the greater good. Having been established for five years as of 2020, Share Gift has expanded to five chapters globally with over 500+ members.

Our organization mainly targets four different stakeholders: senior patients, homeless families, the death and blind, and low-income students. For senior patients, we regularly visit them to keep them company. For homeless families, we organize drives to donate medical essentials and goods. For the death and blind community, we spread awareness through the American Sign Language club and remotely help them through our 'SHAREEE' app. For low-income students, we provide free tutoring sessions online through our MeetUpStudyBuddy program. 


 Annabelle Seungah Choi

Meet the Founders here.


Since 2017


Individual Patient Visit

@ Cupertino Healthcare and Wellness Center


Through our Community Development, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at Share Gift, and a source of much success for our Volunteer Organization.


Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand with this program.

Since 2018

Deaf & Blind Community

Tackling the Issue

Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them.

We learn American Sign Language Together to interact with others.

In 2018, the founders of Share Gift launched an APP, SHAREEE (Share Eyes and Ears) to help people who are deaf, are hard of hearing, are deaf-blind or have a speech disability to get real time assistance from the Volunteers around the world in an easy-to-use, affordable manner.


Download SHAREEE APP from Android & iOS Marketplace and be part of our community!

Since 2017

Dental Service for Homeless

Partnered with

Santa Clara Counnty Dental Association

Share Gift is dedicated to providing mobile dental services to under privileged and at-risk communities including the homeless and migrant workers in corporation with Santa Clara County Dental Association. Throughout the year, the organization provided services to approximately 813 patients during 144 service days.

As a partner, Share Gift plays role of Dental Assistance of dentists, by cleaning up, setting up, and taking blood pressure of patients.

Project includes "Give Kids a Smile" and "Because Every Child Deserves to Smile."

COVID 19 Response Free Coaching Service
March 2020~

Volunteer Tutors and Students Meet  Online

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Free Peer To Peer Tutoring Platform

Since schools are closed, students can’t ask teachers for help as they normally would.  We are providing a tutoring service to help students as we adapt to a life of closed schools or online learning, through an APP, Meetup Study Buddy as well as a website. Meetup Study Buddy matches selected high school tutors to students for thirty minutes to one-hour private tutoring sessions via Zoom.


We came up with the idea after receiving an email from a classmate who needed help. Many students were suddenly lost and uncertain and many schools haven’t even made their online courses official curriculum, but rather just ‘enrichment.' Simply, it’s not enough.

There’s a need for a supplement.  We thought that schools shutting down or transitioning to remote learning might be especially difficult for high schoolers who are starting the college application process and planning to take AP tests. 

At the beginning of March, we sent out emails to gauge student interest and areas of expertise. There were more than 100 responses, and respondents were added to a google doc to coordinate the interview and selection process.

-Madeline & Annabelle Choi-

Share Gift Peer Tutoring is featured by Fremont Union High School District Homepage.


AMC 8,10

  • USABO Semifinalist

  • USAPHO f=ma Semifinalist

  • AMIE Qualifier

  • Math Taken: Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra

  • GPA 4.0

  • TA for STEM class for Ms. Fallon @MVHS

  • Manages COVID19 Tutoring


Annabelle Choi

Monta Vista High School '21


AP Physics

AP Biology


Madeline Choi

Monta Vista High School '22

AP Chemistry
Algebra 2 Trig

Yejin Song

The Harker School '22

English Composition New York Times Editorial

  • Middle School and ELD students

  • Newspaper in Education

  • Language Arts & Grammar

  • Teach Grade 4 and up

  • GPA 4.0

Katherine Lee

Fremont High School '23 


English Grammar

  • TESOL Certificate in progress

  • Author & Publisher of Asylum

  • Math Taken: Algebra 2 Trig

  • GPA 4.0

  • Teach Grade 4 and up

Jacquelyn Ryu

Saratoga High School '23 

Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry
Basic Coding

  • Math Taken:Algebra2Trig

  • TESOL Certificate in Progress

  • Teach Grade 4 and up

  • GPA 4.0

Juno Kim

Gunn High School '23 




  • TA, Environmental Sciences Research in Synopsys Science Fair 2020

  • Intern @ Kisa Kids

  • GPA 4.0

  • Math : Pre-Calculus

  • Science : Honor Chem

Nica Tofighbakhsh

Monta Vista High School '22



All Level

  • TA for Ms. Griffin’s Spanish @ Monta Vista High School

  • Upto Spanish 4 Honors taken 

  • On the MV Bhangra. 

  • Loves to remix songs and sing as well! 

  • Loves to make new friends and teach kids! 

Kanishka Kumar

Monta Vista High School '21



SAT Math 2C


  • Love Teaching Kids

  • ASB Leadership

  • Math : AP Calculus AB

  • Science : AP Chemistry

Krish Kumar

Monta Vista High School '21


APRIL 2020~

The COVID19 has disrupted our lives and the most vulnerable people are low income families and senior patients.  The medical workers at our local  senior hospital,  Cupertino Healthcare and Wellness Center can use our love as they serve on the front lines with patients and lonely, senior patients.  Share Gift has been visiting Cupertino Healthcare and Wellness Center to help out senior patients over the past three years. However, it has been already 3 months since we haven't been able to meet our beloved senior patients, as of April, 2020. Let us be For Our Neighbor during this time of crisis! Purchase food for the staff and patients at Cupertino Healthcare, or Donate First Aid Kits to RotaCare Free Medical Clinc.


May 2020~

As the world battles the Coronavirus pandemic, my sister and I being "sheltered in place together," decided to reduce the risk of people spreading the virus by designing and prototyping 'COVID19 Handless Handle' and donate them to the School District that has 100% Free Lunch Program and RotaCare Free Medical Clinic. We originally designed the product to give out 3D CAD file sources to the  the community for free to 3D print them out.  However, we found out that it costs $7.00 to print a set and we thought it can be a burden for people who are in need of financial help. So we are fundraising to donate 100  COVID19 Handless Handles to Alameda County Juvenile Court ( 2500 Fairmont Dr, San Leandro, CA 94578 ) for teenagers and RotaCare Free Medical Clinic for vulnerable senior patients. Please help us to raise at least 700 dollars to make 100 handles to donate for the good cause! Thank you very much!

Baba, 90 year old papa says about Share Gift.

We visit him EVERY SUNDAY.

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